Thai Black Ginger

Ancient Thai Natural Blood Tonic & Muscle Strengthener Muay Thai's “rock-hard” Ancient Herbal Power Secret! Well known properties for naturally supporting; erection dysfunction, helps to maintain erection of penis, increases power & frequency of libido for men & woman. Used traditionally for cases involving: diuretics, prostate, anti-flatulence, decreases abdominal symptoms due to gastrointestinal gas, all gum & mouth disease, treatment of peptic ulcer & symptoms in most women’s menstrual issues. Special Processing! Low temperature dried & takes 16 hours to grind this product into fine powder with special slow-speed / low-temp technique

  • Suggested Use

    Add 5gms of dried ginger into boiling tea OR 2 caps in the morning & evening with a tablespoon of coconut oil or any raw fat before meals. As with all supplements it is best to ask your heath practitioner for advice.

  • NB

    Children, Feeding mothers, Pregnant war, Those who have Hyper tention should not use it.